Tripeaks Solitaire

(Game by Gaz Thomas)

Tripeaks Solitaire is an extremely popular solitaire variant. In this version of the game you can play using Tripeaks rules with the traditional Tripeaks layout or try some of the other layouts that I have added. The goal is to clear the tableau as many times as possible before you fail. For added fun there is also a random mode where each round you will be given a different random layout to try and beat. Each layout uses a full 52 card deck. I have also created other versions of Tripeaks using more decks which you can find in the solitaire.io game list.

Game Instructions: Tap the pile of face down cards at the bottom of the screen to turn one over. This card becomes the active card. If you can find a free (face up) card on the tableau that is one higher or lower than the active card tap it. It will move on top of the active card and become the new active card. You can chain moves together. If you get stuck tap the card pile again to change active card. The goal is to clear all the cards off the tableau. The card pile doed not renew so if it is empty, you can’t move, and there are still cards on the tableau then it is game over. Special cards count as the following numbers:

A = 1, J = 11, Q = 12, K = 13

The numbers do loop so you can place an A on a K and vice versa.

Tripeaks Solitaire has very similar rules to Golf Solitaire. Gameplay is exactly the same except that all of the cards on the tableau start off face up in Golf Solitaire. In Tripeaks only the free cards are face up. This means that it is easier to plan moves ahead in Golf Solitaire than it is in Tripeaks. All of the playable layouts in this game also feature in my Golf Solitaire game. Why not play both and see if the benefit of foresight means you can beat more consecutive rounds of Golf than Tripeaks!

Good luck!

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